Explore the incredible world of New York City parks!

Meet the trees and plants that grow in our forests and gardens, discover the animals that live in our urban jungle, uncover revealing histories all around us, and go behind the scenes to explore how we create, grow, and care for thriving green spaces.

Calling all explorers! Join us on a journey through the wide world of ecosystems right here in New York City. From forests to marshes, there’s a lot to see all around us. 

Explore NYC's ecosystems

Get ready to meet some of our feathered, furry, and scaly neighbors! We’ll go wild and get to know the birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, and more who call NYC home.  

Meet our wildlife in New York City

Branch out with us and explore the amazing diversity of the plants and trees in our parks and learn how they care for us and the environment. You’ll have to see it to be-leaf it!

Discover the trees and plants in NYC Parks

Explore how we're creating a greener and healthier city while addressing the impacts of climate change, such as heat vulnerability, flooding, and air quality. Plus, discover ways you can get involved in climate action at our parks!

Learn about sustainability at our parks

Travel through time as we reveal the stories our parks tell. Learn about the people who lived in these spaces before us and discuss how we can preserve and create legacies for future generations. 

Learn about our history in parks

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